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everything you think it is


architecture, food, culture, finding thyself


a lot of well meaning attention that regardless is quite frustrating


india is a difficult place to explain mostly because I cannot tell you anything you don't already know. its everything you already think/know it is. it is unabashedly the most genuine place I have ever visited, for better and for worst. it is india, and you just gotta go to experience it yourself. prepare yourself with appropriate reading during your visit, take full opportunity of what this journey can bring you, get ready to be physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. Get ready, get in there, get dirty, get bouji. Everything is available in india- and its available times 10.  

india is the only country I will not be writing a "basically" section about. India cannot be put into a paragraph, or even a novel, it can only be lived.




you can't go wrong with any dish in india






wallenstein palace gardens & the dripstone wall 




k10 coworking space. built in an old ambassadors fancy ass house- its straight bouji in the best way. the big garden in the back has loads of tables with power outlets near them as well so you can work outside all day if you please!




stalin beer garden


hemingway bar & cash only bar



my website should not be the sole source of your information, (as a woman) please do your homework before your visit



one of the largest culture shocks with the least language barrier- everyone speaks English, don't fret


Varanasi, India

The breeze from my window is hot. As I feel my eyelids sweat I watch the streets of Varanasi go by. We are passing hundreds of dead bodies wrapped in rich fabric. Wisps of gold foil threading that has detached from the cloth dance with the clay dirt in the air. Ten minutes ago I was counting the minutes until I fled India. It's funny that all you need is to be leaving for every move for a place to make to be magic.

Kerala, India It didn’t take long for us to notice Indias very particular, and beautiful golden kissed sky, but it did take us time to realize how it was so embracing- from the dirt of the roads flying up, creating a warm haze.

If there was no dirt, there would be no golden sky.

Varanasi, India

Yesterday we fed monkeys outside our hotel window, today they didn’t remember us or our generosity as they snuck up and stole our cookies. 

March 18, 2017 | Hospital, again. Jaipur, India

Im supposed to be riding a camel into the dessert to sleep under the night sky but instead I’m rushing to receive treatment for a surprise gum infection. My doctor isn’t wearing shoes. This is my life now.


Green eyed Indians. I said god damn. HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?

March 10, 2017 | Udaipur, India

As we finished up what was my first yoga practice in India we were instructed to sit, let in a deep breath, throw our hands up in air and let out a loud full body laugh. We did this three times. To no surprise I felt a couple tears roll down my cheeks and as I went to wipe them away the instructor, a brahmin, simply nodded and smiled from across the room.

March 5th, 2017- Vietnam to India

Airplane getting ready for take off. En route to India. I keep trying to find a word for what I’m feeling and I got nothin! I know that I’m so ready to not be ready. To dive in. To do the damn thing. Ive found myself desperately seeking discomfort. I have no idea what that says about me or my life.


March 12, 2017 | Udaipur, India

Hindus are not afraid of making some noise let me tell ya- Prayer time at temple is better than any party I’ve ever attended.


March 13, 2017 | Holi, Udaipur, India

A quick glimpse of some Pinterest tags of the Holi festival are enough for any westerner to loose…their…shit. In the land of white bread its hard to imagine anything so damn beautiful. Until you attend some mock festival somewhere in Bushwick with shitty bumpin rave music and all the people you usually would do anything to avoid. Naturally, we were beyond pumped when we found out we would be IN INDIA for FREAKING HOLI. The ultimate experience to brag about to all our friends upon returning to the states. Jaaaaackpot. Mere mortals. We had a couple moments that were beyond cute, thanks to adorable little Indian kids- but for the most part Holi was full of fearing for our lives, being aggressively groped and ranting about womens rights. 

The worst part about being groped was my very own silence, the knowing to get the fuck out rather than instigate. The pure inability to remind them that maybe if they weren’t the worst they would know not just the feeling of a womans body as she ran away but the sweet sweet taste of someone riding it with a big ol’ smile on her face.

And thats all Ima say about that.