very touristy, but in more local spots its quite quaint 

What you go for

 Architecture, and pretty much only architecture.

what you also get

Loads of bachelor/ bachelorette parties (its the Vegas of Europe)


prague is easily one of the most beautiful cities, but its very small and attracts a less than ideal crowd in the center hub- you gotta go, its just too beautiful, but do everything in your power to beat the crowds here more then ever! luckily, prague is most beautiful at night (and no one seems to know it) so, done and done. wake up for sunrise on st Charles bridge, find a park or cafe to read some Kafka during the day,  and take midnight strolls of quiet corners lit by only lanterns around mala strana in the evening for the ultimate old timey European feels. 


food situation: local food is mostly plates of meat with gravy, but Prague is also a vegetarian/vegan capital of the world. as well as great Vietnamese. generally speaking you don't really come here for the food though. 

One thing to eat

you'll find 25 cent  single scoop ice cream cones all over the place and its basically all I ate my entire stay.



stay here:

isn't really one, but if you want to stay outside the city but still be inspired by the architecture I would look into staying vinohrady or in between vinohrady and vrsovice. 

visit here:

wallenstein palace gardens & the dripstone wall


FOR digital NOMADS


k10 coworking space. built in an old ambassadors fancy ass house- its straight bouji in the best way. the big garden in the back has loads of tables with power outlets near them as well so you can work outside all day if you please!




stalin beer garden


Hemingway bar & cash only bar



read some Kafka in park havlickovy sady

evening stroll in mala strana

do not visit during summer high season. do. not. I did and ill never forgive myself.



scenic routes to and fro: the railroad to Vienna

Tinder game: one of the worst